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February Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2017


Sport Truck February Meeting Minutes


Date: February 15, 2017

Meeting Called to Order (Time): 7:01pm


Reading of Previous Months Minutes: Alyssa Larson

            Previous Months Minutes Accepted By:

                        First: Brett VanHorn                  

                        Second: Jason Plutz     


Reading of Treasurer's Report: Dan Plutz

Total in Account: $119.43

Parts Inventory:                                 Costs:

●      Dodge Front Ends: 4                 $185

●      Chevy Front Ends: 1                  $185

●      Tail Sections: 4                          $110

●      Cabs: 2                                       $180

●      Sets of Sides: 7                         $100

●      Front Bumpers: 9                      $10

●      Rear Bumpers: 4                       $25

●      Front Wheel Hubs: 3                 $70

●      Rear Wheel Hubs: 5                  $55

●      Rear Brake Rotor Hubs: 6         $60

●      Rear Axles: 0                              $90

●      Sprocket Hubs: 4                       $45                  

●      Windshields: 1                           $30

●      Throttle Cables: 6                      $120

Parts Notes:      Ordering axles before season starts. Would like a count before season starts. Getting more windshields. Everyone make sure to get the parts you need.


Other Treasurer Notes: Raceiver earbuds?


            Treasurer’s Report Accepted By:

                        First: -   N/A      

                        Second: - N/A  


·         If Drivers are not lined up before going out to the half mile, that Driver would start in the back of the field at WIR.

o    Yes: 10

o    No: 2

·         Add language to the by-laws that a Minor’s Parents need to be present at the Driver’s Meeting.

o    Yes: 12

o    No: 0

·         Make changes to the by-laws that includes the Minor’s Parents and updating the dates in by-laws

o    Yes: 12

o    No:  0



·         Jordan sent contract to Jim Duchow.

·         Asking to find out if away drivers get membership price

·         Week after Red, White, Blue races is a throwback night.

o    No body concept was rejected

o    Have former truck drivers to race a 8 lap exhibition instead?

·         Radios to be discussed with Jim Duchow


Touring Series:

●      Confirmed, Dells Raceway Park, July 15th

●      Golden Sands Speedway, Memorial Day Weekend (Kyle Quella called, good chance we’ll be invited)

●      Slinger Super Speedway, June 18th, Fathers Day ($25 to get into pits)

●      Confirmed, Norway Speedway, Labor Day Weekend

●      Norway Dates include, May 26th, June 9th, June 23rd, July 7th, July 21st, August 9th, August 18th, and September 3rd

●      Tundra Season Opener at WIR is out

●      Going to try September 24th at Dells Raceway Park with Tundra Series as Season Finale

●      More minor release forms at Slinger (must be notarized)

●      Jordan tried contacting Wausau – got nothing in response


Club Agenda:

Wristbands to be present at all times in WIR pits or you will have to pack up and leave.



New Business:

o    Talk to Norway drivers about coming to WIR? (Can pay member price)

o    No minors in pits without waiver signed (enforce)

o    Marty Sokolek is in talks with potential sponsor

o    Waupaca Foundry to sponsor WIR series again

o    Weekly in-truck camera goes on Facebook page

o    Waupaca logo on side of video? Other sponsors too?

o    A WST officer must represent the club at away races

o    Tanner Fickel will be the spokesperson at Norway races

o    Motion to approve rule book next month by Jordan Fisher

o    1st: Scott Larson

o    2nd: Beth Craig


Old Business:

o    Strict board member to board member conversations between clubs

o    Kwik Trip sponsorship is a no go


Motion to Adjourn Time: 8:11pm

First: Jason Plutz

Second: Brett VanHorn









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