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The Wisconsin Sport Trucks began as Mini Champs in 1975. Running almost exclusively at 141 Speedway in Francis Creek until 1987. Mini Champs began as an affordable means of racing, while remaining competitive.

1987 brought change for the champs, scoring a deal with the Fox River Racing Club, to race bi-weekly at Wisconsin International Raceway after 141 Speedway shut down. The following year, they were running as part of the weekly program.

The open-wheel style machines became an insurance issue, at a time when the rest of the track was equipped with a full body. In 1995, Club Vice President Jerry Quella got to work making a prototype body out of wood and cardboard to address the problem. Ultimately, a truck body, similar to Nascar’s Craftsman Truck Series, was developed.

Mini Champs Champions
1988- Jeff Korinek
1989- Bill Daul
1990- Bill Daul
1991- Jeff Korineck
1992- Mike Springstroh
1993- Mike Springstroh
1994- Hank Calmes
1995- Andy Geiger

Sport Truck Champions
1996- Andy Geiger
1997- Mike Schneider
1998- Mike Schneider
1999- Andy Geiger
2000- Robyn Wussow
2001- Robyn Wussow
2002- Hank Calmes
2003- Dan Hansen
2004- Jason Van Handel
2005- Todd Schuette
2006- Dan Vixmer
2007- Dan Vixmer
2008- Ron Magdanz
2009- Ron Magdanz
2010- Jason Plutz
2011- John Roeser
2012- Bryan Monday
2013- Brett Van Horn
2014- Brett Van Horn
2015- Brett Van Horn
2016- Brett Van Horn

2017- Kyle Quella

2018- Jason Plutz

2019- Kyle Quella

2020- Cody Vanderloop

2021- Bobby Wautier

2022- Bobby Wautier

2023- Jason Van Handel

Norway Bi-Weekly Series Champions
2014- Ryan Longtine
2015- Mickey Schallie
2016- Keith Habeck

2017- Brent Barglind

2018- Brad Barglind

2019- Brad Barglind

2020- Brent Barglind

2021- Brent Barglind

2022- Brad Barglind

Touring Series Points Champion

2021- Cody VanderLoop

2022- Kasey VanderLoop

2023- Kasey VanderLoop

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