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March Meeting Minutes

Wisconsin Sport Trucks Meeting

Date: March 15, 2017

Meeting Called to Order (Time): 6:58 pm

Reading of Previous Months Minutes: Alyssa Larson

Previous Months Minutes Accepted By:

First: Joe Plutz

Second: Scott Larson

Reading of Treasurer's Report: Jordan Fisher

Total in Account: $2,720.76

Parts Inventory: Costs:

  • Dodge Front Ends: 2 $185

  • Chevy Front Ends: 1 $185

  • Tail Sections: 2 $110

  • Cabs: 0 $180

  • Sets of Sides: 3 $100

  • Front Bumpers: 9 $10

  • Rear Bumpers: 4 $25

  • Front Wheel Hubs: 1 $70

  • Rear Wheel Hubs: 3 $55

  • Rear Brake Rotor Hubs: 5 $60

  • Rear Axles: 0 $90

  • Sprocket Hubs: 2 $45

  • Windshields: 4 $30

  • Throttle Cables: 5 $120

Parts Notes: No cabs are being made at this time.

Treasurer’s Report Accepted by:

First: Beth Craig

Second: Keith Habeck


  • Jordan read all previous rulebook changes voted on during prior meetings.

2017 Rulebook Accepted with changes by:

First: Beth Craig

Second: Dan Thompson


  • Jordan read FRRC contract which was agreed upon by FRRC and all WST officers, awaiting Dan Plutz’s signature to have FRRC sign at next FRRC meeting

Touring Series:

  • Reiterated that Raceivers will be mandatory at all tracks in 2017 per the rulebook. Jordan attended the Norway Speedway meeting and they are going to make sure to have someone on the radio communicating to the drivers.

New Business:

  • Waupaca Foundry is sponsoring series for 2017. On-board camera will have their name on footage.

  • Specialty Machine is sponsoring weekly Fast Time at WIR.

  • Marty Sokielak is working with his employer about 2017 sponsorship.

Old Business:

  • Dan Thompson is going to order more calendars for the beginning of the season.

Motion to Adjourn Time: 7:22 pm

First: Scott Larson

Second: Keith Habeck


The March Meeting was the final meeting of the off season. No more meetings will be held.

Tech Day will be held on three seperate days for the 2017 Season. The first will be FRRC Practice Day at Wisconsin International Raceway, the Season Opener at Wisconsin International Raceway, and Season Opener for the bi-weekly series in Norway, MI. Per rules, truck MUST BE teched prior to racing.

Jordan spoke with Joe at Racetech and tires should be available for sale after April 12th.

Rules have been finalized and uploaded to the Facebook page, Facebook group and the website. Items of note are as follows:

  • Minor must have a parent/guardian present at pre-race Driver’s Meeting

  • If Driver’s are not lined up prior to entering the ½ mile, that Driver will start at the tail of the field. WIR only. (No exceptions)

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