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December Meeting Minutes

Wisconsin Sport Trucks Meeting

Date: December 21, 2016

Meeting Called to Order (Time): 7:02p.m.

Reading of Previous Months Minutes: Scott Larson

Previous Months Minutes Accepted By:

First: Jordan Fisher

Second: Kyle Quella

Reading of Treasurer's Report: Dan Plutz

Total in Account: $94.18

Parts Inventory: Costs:

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Dodge Front Ends: 0 $175

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Chevy Front Ends: 3 $175

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Tail Sections: 0 $110

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Cabs: 0 $175

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Sets of Sides: 10 $100

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Front Bumpers: 3 $10

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Rear Bumpers: 6 $25

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Front Wheel Hubs: 5 $70

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Rear Wheel Hubs: 7 $55

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Rear Brake Rotor Hubs: 6 $60

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Rear Axles: 1 $XX

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Sprocket Hubs:5 $XX

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Windshields: 4 $30

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Throttle Cables: 9 $85

Parts Notes: Rear Tails are being built.

Other Treasurer Notes: N/A

Treasurer’s Report Accepted By:

First: Kyle Quella

Second: Jordan Fisher


[if !supportLists]● [endif]Election of Treasurer and President

[if !supportLists] ○ [endif]Treasurer: Dan Plutz – 12 votes for Dan

[if !supportLists] ○ [endif]President: Jordan Fisher – 8 votes for Jordan, 1 write in for Dan Thompson

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Other Election Items

[if !supportLists] ○ [endif]Trophies: Top 10 in point standings at WIR – 11 for and 0 against

[if !supportLists] ○ [endif]Trophies: Top 5 in Travelling Series with Full Participation – 11 for and 0 against

[if !supportLists] ○ [endif]Minor Release Form: Both parents to sign Minor Release Form – 12 for and 0 against

Items to be voted on at January meeting:

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Instead of giving free tickets for the end of season banquet with paid Memberships, banquet tickets will be sold separately and no free tickets will be included with paid Memberships.

[if !supportLists] ○ [endif]Motion to vote in January

[if !supportLists] ○ [endif]1st by Jerry Quella, 2nd by Joe Plutz.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Maintain the rules in 2016 Rulebook same in 2017 except for date changes and Minor Release Form information.

[if !supportLists] ○ [endif]Motion to vote in January

[if !supportLists] ○ [endif]1st by Brett VanHorn, 2nd by Joe Plutz.

New Business:

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Touring Series tentative schedule – WIR TUNDRA race, Plover Memorial Day, Norway Labor Day weekend, 2 other locations to be determined. Jordan and Kyle to reach out to tracks.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Tech Team – Discuss the plan for 2017 season at the January meeting.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Title Sponsor and Calendar – Dan Thompson presented calendars and proposal for title sponsor. Kyle Quella explained the marketing opportunities of the club.

Old Business:

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Round Robin/Bus Tour – Jerry and Kyle Quella to bring back Bus Tour plan at January meeting.

Motion to Adjourn Time: 8:41p.m.

First: Kyle Quella

Second: Joe Plutz

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