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August 11th, Wisconsin International Raceway

The Wisconsin Sport Trucks had 12 drivers present for the competition this evening. Justin Fickel was the early pace setter with defending champion and current point leader Brett an Horn, applying the pressure for the lead.

Fickel clung tenaciously to the lead as Jason Plutz moved up to make it a three way battle for the top spot by the halfway part of the contest.

Van Horn nosed ahead with three laps remaining but clipped a lap car giving Fickel the top spot back. Fickel made the most of the opportunity surging back out front at the white flag and holding on for the win. Van Horn had to settle for runner-up honors. Plutz claimed third. Young ladies Kylee Vandermoss and Alyssa Larson completed the top five finishers.


Wisconsin Sport Trucks:

20 Lap Feature: (Top 8) 1. Justin Fickel; 2. Brett Van Horn; 3. Jason Plutz; 4. Kyless Vandermoss; 5. Alyssa Larson; 6. Dan Thompson; 7. Tanner Fickel; 8. Marty Sokolik

First 8 Lap Heat: 1. Fickel; 2. Brian Vixmer; 3. Sokolik

Second 8 Lap Heat: 1. Van Horn; 2. Plutz; 3. Vandermoss

Fast Qualifier: Quella, 16.372 Seconds




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