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June 2nd, Wisconsin International Raceway

The Wisconsin Sport Trucks showcased their biggest field of the year with 16 drivers taking the green flag.

Cody Sokolik paced the opening three laps before going wide and allowing Tyler Nettekoven to scoot past for the lead.

Mike Byrge was the next leader of the contest nosing ahead on lap nine. Brett Van Horn, the defending champion, and winner of the first two events had made his way through the pack and into third by the halfway point and he quickly closed on the leaders.

On lap 12 Van Horn worked the high line to surpass Nettekoven and he now began to run down Byrge. Van Horn had just caught Byrge when he suddenly left the track with mechanical ills with five laps to go giving Byrge the top spot. A caution flew with four laps left in the event when Tanner Fickel spun in turn four.

Byrge restarted the contest with Kyle Quella on his tail but Quella also experienced mechanical ills leaving Byrge to pull away. However before the lap was complete Byrge spun in turn four as he and Dan Vixmer tangled while doing battle for the lead. Both restarted at the tail of the field.

This left Nettekoven back out front. Kylee Vandermoss used the high line to sneak past Nettekoven with three laps left with Jordan Fisher now following. On the final lap, Vandermoss chose the high line coming off the final turn and Fisher dove to the bottom of the track. He would win the drag race to the finish by inches for the win. Vandermoss earned second followed by Alyssa Larson, Nettekoven and Jason Plutz in the top five.


20 Lap Feature: (Top 8) 1. Jordan Fisher; 2. Kylee Vandermoss; 3. Alyssa Larson; 4. Tyler Nettekoven; 5. Json Plutz; 6. Dan Thompson; 7. Cody Sokolik; 8. Kyle Quella

First 8 Lap Heat: 1. Tyler Nettekoven; 2. Tanner Fickel; 3. Sokolik

Second 8 Lap Heat: 1. Brian Vixmer; 2. Brett Van Horn; 3. Fisher

Fast Qualifier: Vixmer, 16.628 Seconds


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