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August 18th, Wisconsin International Raceway

A dozen Wisconsin Sport Trucks chimed in for action tonight.

Kylee Vandermoss held the point early in the contest with Jordan Fisher her chief rival during the early laps of the contest. On lap six Jason Plutz became the second leader of the event surpassing Vandermoss on the backstretch.

Kyle Quella muscled into second at the halfway point setting out to close the gap on Plutz. Point leader and multi-time feature winner Brett Van Horn made his way into the third spot with seven laps left in the contest but had a huge gap to try and overcome to reach the lead pair.

Quella has his evening go astray as he tangled with a lapped machine of Tanner Fickel. This allowed Van Horn to close the gap on Plutz.

Van Horn made his way to the lead on the restart dropping Plutz into second and paced the final circuits to score the victory. Plutz claimed runner-up honors followed by Vandermoss.



20 Lap Feature: (Top 8) 1. Brett Van Horn; 2. Jason Plutz; 3. Kylee Vandermoss; 4. Alyssa Larson; 5. Brian Vixmer; 6. Jordan Fisher; 7. Justin Fickel; 8. Kole Bumstead

First 8 Lap Heat: 1. Kylee Vandermoss; 2. Jordan Fisher; 3. Dan Thompson

Second 8 Lap Heat: 1. Quella; 2. Van Horn; 3. Plutz

Fast Qualifier: Vixmer, 16.596 Seconds


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