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January Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2017

Wisconsin Sport Trucks Meeting

Date: January 18, 2017

Meeting Called to Order (Time): 7:07 p.m.


Reading of Previous Months Minutes: Jordan Fisher

            Previous Months Minutes Accepted By:

                        First:                 Rob Vandermoss

                        Second:            Joe Plutz


Reading of Treasurer's Report: Dan Plutz

Total in Account: $274.18

Parts Inventory:                                                 Costs:

  • Dodge Front Ends: 0                 $175

  • Chevy Front Ends: 3                  $175

  • Tail Sections: 0                         $110

  • Cabs: 4                                     $180

  • Sets of Sides: 10                       $100

  • Front Bumpers: 9                      $10

  • Rear Bumpers: 4                       $25

  • Front Wheel Hubs: 5                  $70

  • Rear Wheel Hubs: 7                  $55

  • Rear Brake Rotor Hubs: 6          $60

  • Rear Axles: 1                            $90

  • Sprocket Hubs:5                       $45                  

  • Windshields: 4                           $30

  • Throttle Cables: 9                      $120

            Parts Notes:      Rear Tails are built.

            Other Treasurer Notes: N/A

            Treasurer’s Report Accepted By:

                        First:                 Rob Vandermoss

                        Second:            Joe Plutz


  • Nominations for Vice President

    • Jordan Fisher nominates Rod Vandermoss

    • Keith Habeck nominates Tanner Fickel


  • Tanner accepts

  • 12 accept, no one against


  • Jordan Fisher discussed making Club interactions with the FRRC more professional by having communications go through one person, President

    • This would include Race Night incidents

    • Main contact will be President, but will have two people present at all times

  • Jordan talked with Jim Duchow to improve relations between the clubs, including addressing issue of trucks not going out on the track together

  • Motion to Vote for next month that if Drivers are not lined up before going out to the track, that Driver would start in the back of the field


  • Motion by Jason Plutz

  • Second  by Rob Vandermoss

  • This would affect all away tracks, but would be in line before going out to the Race Track

  • FRRC would like to see the same contract, but with Drivers all getting paid the same regardless of truck count

    • Jordan will check with FRRC


Touring Series:

  • Confirmed, Dells Raceway Park, July 15th

  • In Talks, Golden Sands Speedway, Memorial Day Weekend

  • In Talks, Slinger Super Speedway, August 13th

  • Confirmed, Norway Speedway, Labor Day Weekend

  • No luck at any other tracks yet

  • Norway Dates include, June 9th, June 23rd, July 7th, July 21st, August 9th, August 18th, and September 3rd

  • 90% chance the Trucks are not running the Tundra Season Opener at WIR as they are planning to use ¼ mile as Pit Area

    • Going to try September 24th at Dells Raceway Park with Tundra as Season Closer

    • If not running the Tundra, where would the Trucks run for that race?


Club Agenda:

  • Can we add in the by-laws that a Minor’s Parents need to be present at the Driver’s Meeting?

    • Yes

    • Motion by Jason Plutz

    • Second by Beth Craig

  • Jason Plutz volunteered to be Lead Tech along with Mike Bryge and Craig Fickel

  • WIR’s schedule is set with 16 weeks, with May 6th as FRRC Practice and Tech Day

  • Jordan Fisher’s wife is updating the website and Facebook page, encouraged Members to “like” the page and share with family and friend to build page up


Items to be voted on at February meeting:

  • Motion to add rule that if Drivers are not lined up to go out on the track, they will start in the back of the field

    • Motion to vote in February

1st by Jason Plutz, 2nd by Rob Vandermoss

  • Motion to add to the by-laws that a Minor’s Parents need to be present at the Driver’s Meeting

    • Motion to vote in February

    • 1st by Jason Plutz, 2nd by Beth Craig

New Business:

  • Touring Series tentative schedule – WIR TUNDRA race replacement, confirm tracks that were “in talks” at the time of the January Meeting

  • Title Sponsor and Calendar – Dan Thompson not present at January Meeting, need to revisit at February Meeting

  • Discuss who will take over for Rob Vandermoss in regards to the Headset

Old Business:

  • Round Robin/Bus Tour – Jerry and Kyle Quella to bring back Bus Tour plan at February Meeting.




Motion to Adjourn Time: 8:50 p.m.

First:     Rob Vandermoss

Second: Beth Craig

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