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September 1st, Wisconsin International Raceway

16 Wisconsin Sport Trucks hit the track for their final event of the year. Dan Thompson was out front early in the contest while the field battled three wide behind. Jason Plutz broke through traffic and into second by lap eight and began to run down Thompson. Point leader and newly crowned champion Brett Van Horn cracked the top five at the halfway point.

Thompson began to fade as the second half of the race began with Plutz and Kyle Quella moving into the front two spots. Quella attempted a pass on Plutz with five laps to go but made contact and dropped into the infield. Van Horn meanwhile had charged up to third. Plutz accepted the win by a comfortable margin. Thompson was able to fend off a last lap passing attempt by Van Horn to earn second. Van Horn, Brian Vixmer and Justin Fickel comprised the top five.


Wisconsin Sport Trucks:

20 Lap Feature: (Top 8) 1. Jason Plutz; 2. Dan Thompson; 3. Brett Van Horn; 4. Brian Vixmer; 5. Justin Fickel; 6. Kylee Vandermoss; 7. Alyssa Larson; 8. Tanner Fickel

First 8 Lap Heat: 1. Thompson; 2. Larson; 3. Pete Zarnoth

Second 8 Lap Heat: 1. Plutz; 2. Van Horn; 3. Vixmer

Fast Qualifier: Plutz 16.146 Seconds


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